Our Wine


Red Raspberry


Fruity, semi-dry sparkling red raspberry. Made from fresh raspberries. Pairs well with chocolate.

Apple Cider


All natural wine with no additives. Made purely from apples and sugar. Very dry. Pairs well with chicken, fish and cheese.

Upland III


All natural grape wine with no additives. Very dry.




Dry and soft on the palate. Pairs well with pasta, fish, veal and chicken.



Dry, medium-bodied with a hint of blackberries. Pairs well with barbeque, pork, duck and meat.



Dry, delicate raspberry aroma. Pairs well with chicken, light pasta dishes, salads and cheeses.

Black Currant


Full-bodied with a long finish. Pairs well with hearty meals, meat and duck.

Upland Pastures White


100% Cayuga Grape. Citrus, floral and balanced dry wine. Pairs well with pasta, fish, veal, chicken.

Anita’s Estate Red


Medium body dry table wine. 100% Estate Marquette Grape. Lightly oaked dry wine.

Upland Pastures Red


Dry red table wine, light oak. Blend of Marquette, Frontenac and Cab Franc.

Upland Pastures Rose


Blend of Dry Rhubarb and Dry Blackberry. 2016 Big E Silver medal.


Semi-sweet Rhubarb


Very mellow and smooth, with no bite.

Semi-sweet Raspberry


Strong fruit flavor. Pairs well with chocolate.



Nice rich sipping wine made from black currant. Mix with champagne for a Kir Royale or vodka to make a martini.

Sweet Blackberry


Very fruity. A glassful makes a great dessert.

Farm White


Semisweet Cayuga wine. Hints of apple, honey, peach and vanilla. Pairs well with salads, fruit and cheeses




White Silo Sangria, two bottle package includes, one bottle either Upland White or Rhubarb & one bottle Sweet Blackberry. 50/50 mix. Delicious. Try with frozen berries