Our Wine

$20. Red Raspberry   fruity, semi-dry sparkling red raspberry. Made from fresh raspberries. Pairs well with chocolate.
$16. Rhubarb    dry, crisp and light. Pairs well with pasta, fish, veal, chicken.
$16. Blackberry  dry, full-bodied with a hint of blackberries. Pairs well with pork, duck, meat
$16. Raspberry   dry, delicate raspberry aroma. Pairs well with chicken, light pasta dishes, salads, cheeses.
$17. Black Currant   full-bodied with a long finish. Pairs well with hearty meals, meat, duck.
$16. Upland Pastures White   100% Cayuga Grape. Citrus, floral and balanced dry wine. Pairs well with pasta, fish, veal, chicken.
$16. Upland Pastures Red   Medium body dry table wine. Lightly oaked dry wine.
$19. Anita’s Estate Red   Medium body dry table wine. 100% Estate Marquette Grape. Lightly oaked dry wine.
$16. Upland Rose   Blend of Dry Rhubarb and Dry Blackberry. 2016 Big E Silver medal.
$11. Semi-sweet Rhubarb    very mellow and smooth, no bite.
$11. Semi-sweet Raspberry   strong fruit flavor. Pairs well with chocolate.
$15. Cassis    nice sipping wine. Black currant martinis, mix with champagne (kir).
$16. Sweet Blackberry    very fruity. A glassful makes a great dessert.
$31 White Silo Sangria    one bottle either Upland White or Rhubarb & one bottle Sweet Blackberry. 50/50 mix. Delicious. Try with frozen berries

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